Best and Worst

Lately Andrew and I have been reminiscing about our years in Moab as river guides (such great years!) His younger sister just got a job down there and we love hearing about all of the fun things she's doing every day (while we're working, changing diapers, and cleaning up barf.) Okaaay, that's a bit dramatic. We're loving life with our little boy and he's seriously the most lovable thing on the planet. But, we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss those Moab years.

After a long trip on the river, we liked to end with a game of "Best and Worst" with our fellow guides and passengers. Each person stated their best moment of the trip, along with their worst. It was a fun way to reflect on the trip, talk about the good moments and (hopefully) laugh about the bad ones too. 

After thinking about it last night, I decided I'd bring Best and Worst to my blog as a way to remember and reflect on my week. I have a feeling these blog posts may just turn into Best: What I Did on the Weekend and Worst: Naughty Things My Baby Did This Week. But, who knows? I'll give it a shot! Here I go, welcome to the Best and Worst moments of my week, last week.

Best: The Weekend (duh.)

The weekend was best for sure, but specifically because we spent it with our friends at their cabin in Swan Valley. So beautiful! On Saturday we all drove to Jackson for the day and Andrew, baby N, and I hiked to Phelps Lake on the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve. It was a bit overcast and rainy but so beautiful. I was so impressed with the visitors center on site. It was designed by Carney Logan Burke, an architecture firm in Jackson. It was very well done and enhanced our experience in a simple but powerful way. 

Worst: Crying It Out

Earlier in the week I was feeling like baby N wasn't getting enough sleep during the day. His naps seemed short and I was rocking him to sleep for some time before he would go down. I picked up a copy of Babywise which immediately made me feel like I was doing everything wrong. (Never rock your baby to sleep, your baby should be sleeping for at least 90 minutes at each nap, make your baby cry it out instead of helping him to sleep, etc.) So, I tried letting Baby N cry it out instead of helping the little guy get to sleep. It wasn't too long before I could tell that he just couldn't self soothe. The poor guy is just too little. After letting him cry before naps and bedtime for a day and a half, I started to do some more research. Turns out babies really can't self soothe until at least 4 months and sometimes not until months 5 or 6. My sister told me about her friend who is a sleep consultant and I reached out to her. She writes an awesome blog and answers any questions you have for free on her Facebook page. I attended her Facebook live video last week where she answered some questions I had. It was so nice to get some advice and be reassured that what I was doing was okay! If you're a tired mom, I would definitely recommend checking her out. Hearing my baby cry was the worst and after reading into it a little more, I felt so bad. I'll definitely be waiting a bit longer before doing any kind of sleep training with my little guy. For now, I am happy to snuggle and rock my baby to sleep if that's what he needs! I'm so glad that part of my week is over. Enjoy some pictures from the best part of my week!

Phelps Lake was gorgeous!  

Baby N slept the whole hike but woke up at the very end with a surprised look on his face! Haha I love that little boy.  

A snap of Andrew and I from my Insta stories. We love the weekend! 

Thanks for stopping in! I hope you had some great 'bests' in your week and not too many 'worsts!'