Living Room Rug Placement

Knowing how a rug should fit in your living room can be a bit of a challenge. When they're placed right, a rug can really make the space! When placed wrong, they can definitely look awkward.

Rugs are expensive pieces, so it's a bummer to order one and not have it fit in the space how you'd hoped. Before ordering a rug, I suggest you tape out the size of the rug on your floor with some masking tape. The visual really helps and will let you know if the rug is a good fit for your room.

Below are a few tips on how to place rugs just right and some examples of how to do it wrong. Usually, if your entire sitting area fits on top of your rug or the front legs of all your furniture are on top of the rug, you're good to go! 

Do and Don't: Living Room Rug Placement

I hope this helps! Stay tuned for my next post, I'll be showing some of my favorite rugs and where you can get them!