4 Elements To A Simple & Relaxing Bedroom

I love walking in to my bedroom after a long day welcomed by a feeling of calm and quiet. No TV, no office, no social media. Just me, my husband, and an occasional good book. It's so nice to have a space in your home that acts as a getaway from daily stresses, technology, or maybe...your kids! (I know you love them, but let's get real.) Here are four elements that help me create simple, relaxing, and beautiful bedrooms.

1 // Neutral Color Palette - I love bold and bright but soft and neutral in a bedroom makes the space feel so calm. Clean white walls, tan linens, and natural wood colors are so refreshing!

2 // High Contrast - I love incorporating something deep and dark into a space that uses a neutral color palette. A neutral color palette doesn't mean only using light tones. Having something with some visual weight will make your space feel grounded. One of my favorite ways to create contrast in a bedroom is through the use of dark overhead beams against a white ceiling and walls. 

3 // Natural Light - Windows, skylights, and  french doors. Let's let the light in, it makes all the difference! 

4 // Texture - This is key. If you don't incorporate texture in neutral spaces they will feel bland and boring. It's texture that makes a simple room interesting and beautiful. Incorporate texture through a mix of textiles, architectural features, or accessories. A chunky knitted throw on the corner of the bed, rough wood overhead beams, a natural jute rug, shiplap walls, or some handmade ceramics will do the trick! 

  Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Let's make our bedrooms a place of rest and refreshment! What do you like to do to make your bedroom a bit of a getaway? I'd love to know!