Round-up: String Lights

When I look into my future, I have a this vision of throwing beautiful dinner parties in my backyard with my family and friends. Everyone is enjoying each other, the temperature is perfect, the music is relaxing, it's the perfect ambience.

But what's making it so perfect, really? I'll tell you. It's the gorgeous string of lights hanging from the wooden pergola above the dinner table. In fact, the dinner could be burned and nobody could show, but as long as the string lights are gleaming, it'll be a good time!;) 

Anyone else feel like all is well in the world when they're under a set of string lights? This post is for people like me and you. Check out this round-up of six seriously perfect indoor and outdoor string lights.

  image via urban outfitters

image via urban outfitters

The cutest round-up of string lights!

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