Emerald - A Love Story


How could I have known? It was like the best friend who'd been by my side all along and then BAM! You realize it's love and it's been staring you in the face. 

Yes, it's true. I love the color green. It's my favorite and I just can't fight it anymore! It follows me where ever I go. It's in the trees when I ski on weekends, the succulents in my apartment, my mom's kitchen cabinets, and the lake at my family's cabin.

I love all greens but I'm especially drawn to deep greens like emerald. I love when it pops up in an interior as an eclectic furniture piece or a high end accessory. 

 Check out these pieces in the links below!

Check out these pieces in the links below!

Why do I love it so much? I'm not quite sure. Maybe it's because it reminds me of how I want my life to be: deep, rich, and beautiful.